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6 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Winter-Proof Roof

Colorful leaves are starting to fall from trees, and crisp air reminds us that the seasons have begun to change. If you’re a homeowner, fall is a great time to prepare your home for the winter months ahead. These maintenance tasks are focused on the exterior to keep the cold weather out, and you’ll want to complete them while temperatures are still comfortable outdoors. Giving your roof a little attention can save you from inconveniences or costly repairs down the road.

Follow this checklist of fall maintenance projects to increase the lifespan of your roofing materials and catch the potential for any leaks or damage early.

Remove Roof Debris

Homeowners with large trees around their home, may have branches or other debris that have landed on the roof. Remove any large sticks or objects sitting on your roof that you can reach easily by using a ladder. You may need help if the debris requires climbing onto the roof. A professional roofer can do the job safely.

Clean Out Gutters

Gutters carry water from the roof to a downspout and away from the house. They serve a vital function in protecting your home from rain, snow, and melting ice. Once leaves, sticks, and dirt pile up in the gutter, water can back up under the roof’s edges to eventually cause leaks as the wood under the shingles begins to buckle or rot. After leaves have fallen off nearby trees, clean out your gutters using a trowel or your hands and a pair of gardening gloves. Make sure gutters are firmly attached and straight as you work. The weight of debris can cause them to pull away from the roof. If large trees surround your home, consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from piling up.

Clear Downspouts and Extensions

Once you have your gutters cleared out, you may need a hose to clean out downspouts. A plumber’s snake is another tool used to clear debris. Remove downspout extensions if necessary to clear a blockage and replace them if cracked or broken.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees that are overgrown and hanging over your home may need to be trimmed. Contact a local tree trimming service to help with larger trees. It may seem like a big or costly project, but it will save you time from continuously clearing the roof and gutters and reduce the cost of roof repairs or premature replacement.

Inspect for Damage

While you are cleaning the gutters and roof, look closely for trouble spots. This includes mold and algae growth or holes and dents on the shingles. There might be missing shingles that need to be replaced. Look for any leaks in your gutters and downspouts by noting if water is pooling anywhere. If you suspect a problem, call your roofer.

Get a Roof Inspection

An annual roof inspection is a smart way to avoid surprises. Having a professional look over your roof ensures your home is ready for winter weather. Our experts help you complete your fall maintenance checklist. While we focus on your roof as your home’s primary protection, we are also happy to check siding and windows for damage and leaks. Reach out to Rose Roofing, and one of our experts can schedule your inspection. A little time and effort this fall can keep your family protected during the winter.