Family-Owned Roofing Company in Herndon, VA

Raising the bar of service and quality as we raise the roof with trustworthy professionals.

The Rose Promise

We keep our promises.

Communication never goes dark.

You’ll always know exactly where we are in the process. And updates? That’s a regular thing with us.

Quality to the core.

No shoddy workmanship or poor quality materials. We use only the best

Craftsmanship that rivals Paul Bunyan.

We’re not saying your home will be sturdier than if Paul Bunyan built it…but it’ll come pretty dang close.

Guesswork = Gone.

We know our stuff and that will reflect with the ease you experience in every project. We’re not guessing on how to do something for the first time, we’re pros, so you can trust us.

The Journey Of Rose Roofing

The One Where It All Started

Founders Paul and Matt became best buddies in college. And you know what they say…mixing friendships and business can be a winning formula or a recipe for disaster. In this case, it was a winning formula.

The One Where Paul Gets Into The Biz
Paul took that momentum and decided to disrupt the industry. Shortly after Paul got into the Roofing and Restoration scene, he became an industry leader.
The One Where a Girl Meets a Boy
Now what I’m about to tell you is straight out of a fairytale. Hold on. Matt and Elizabeth met at the top of a castle in Ireland, fell in love, and got married in Ireland…and the rest is history.
The One Where a Boy Meets a Girl
Now’s when our fairytale turns into a rom-com when Paul meets Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah. And decides to marry her!
The One Where The Entrepreneurs Go to Work
We love a good startup, which is why Matt and Elizabeth decided to start several successful businesses. Now the only thing we love more than a good startup, is a power couple behind it.
The One Where Paul Gets a Big Idea
Paul gets an idea, imagine that. He starts to discuss the idea of starting a Roofing and Insurance Restoration Business with Matt and Elizabeth by his side.
The One Where The Plan is Set
A dream without a plan is just a wish. So they forged a plan to disrupt the industry by professionalizing, serving, and communicating in a way that no one had before.
The One Where a Rose is Planted
Every logo and symbol holds a special meaning to someone. The same holds true for our logo. During Matt and Elizabeth’s journey to become foster parents, the rose became a special symbol for them.
The One Where The Rose Starts to Bloom
Rose Roofing and Restoration is born. What started as just an idea and a family business, continues to grow and bloom into something that will leave a lasting impact for years to come.

Meet our team.

Elizabeth Marcolini

Matt Marcolini

Paul Maschue

Peter Santorum

Peyton Peterson

Peter Ruhl

Tyler Gonia

Patrick Santorum

Charlotte Aucella

Timmy Bryan

Sarah Santorum

Hugh Aucella

Evan Aiello

Gwendolyn Palmer

David Fronzaglia

Christian McDaniel

Customer Relationship Manager
Hello my name is Christian McDaniel. I lived in Texas for 18 years then attended school at University of Oklahoma. After that I moved to the DMV area for work. With a long history of costumer service and satisfaction I am here to deliver the best!

Steve Stander

Customer Relationship Manager
I’m the proud father to an amazing little boy. I would be perfectly happy having steak 7 days a week. Accountability is very important to me and I love anything outdoors.

Jimmy Enright

Customer Relationship Manager
I was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland. I went to Georgetown Prep and recently graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Communications. Some of my skill sets include public speaking, emotional intelligence, collaboration, customer service, and active listening.

All it takes is three easy steps.

Reach out and schedule a free consultation.
We identify if you need to repair or replace. We do what you NEED, not what lines our pockets.
You sign the paperwork and we get your project done as quickly as possible.
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