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Raising the bar of service and quality as we raise the roof with trustworthy professionals.

The Rose Promise

We keep our promises.

Communication never goes dark.

You’ll always know exactly where we are in the process. And updates? That’s a regular thing with us.

Quality to the

No shoddy workmanship or poor quality materials. We use only the best

Craftsmanship that rivals Paul Bunyan.

We’re not saying your home will be sturdier than if Paul Bunyan built it…but it’ll come pretty dang close.

Guesswork =

We know our stuff and that will reflect with the ease you experience in every project. We’re not guessing on how to do something for the first time, we’re pros, so you can trust us.

The Journey Of Rose Roofing

The One Where It All Started

Founders Paul and Matt became best buddies in college. And you know what they say…mixing friendships and business can be a winning formula or a recipe for disaster. In this case, it was a winning formula.

The One Where Paul Gets Into The Biz

Paul took that momentum and decided to disrupt the industry. Shortly after Paul got into the Roofing and Restoration scene, he became an industry leader.

The One Where a Girl Meets a Boy

Now what I’m about to tell you is straight out of a fairytale. Hold on. Matt and Elizabeth met at the top of a castle in Ireland, fell in love, and got married in Ireland…and the rest is history.

The One Where a Boy Meets a Girl

Now’s when our fairytale turns into a rom-com when Paul meets Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah. And decides to marry her!

The One Where The Entrepreneurs Go to Work

We love a good startup, which is why Matt and Elizabeth decided to start several successful businesses. Now the only thing we love more than a good startup, is a power couple behind it.

The One Where Paul Gets a Big Idea

Paul gets an idea, imagine that. He starts to discuss the idea of starting a Roofing and Insurance Restoration Business with Matt and Elizabeth by his side.

The One Where The Plan is Set

A dream without a plan is just a wish. So they forged a plan to disrupt the industry by professionalizing, serving, and communicating in a way that no one had before.

The One Where a Rose is Planted

Every logo and symbol holds a special meaning to someone. The same holds true for our logo. During Matt and Elizabeth’s journey to become foster parents, the rose became a special symbol for them.

The One Where The Rose Starts to Bloom

Rose Roofing and Restoration is born. What started as just an idea and a family business, continues to grow and bloom into something that will leave a lasting impact for years to come.

Meet Our Team.

Meet Our Team.

Elizabeth Marcolini

As the CEO of Rose Roofing and Restoration, Elizabeth is passionate about disrupting an industry that deserves a more customer service-oriented approach. With a former operations background in non-profit work, politics, and business startups, she is a force of nature when it comes to operational effectiveness, organization, and leadership. As the former COO at two high growth tech startups, Elizabeth is committed to serving her customers well.

Design Skill
Project Management Skill
Taste for Spicy Food
Love for Boat Rides
Love for Travel

Matt Marcolini

Matt Marcolini

Chief Human Resources Officer
Matt is responsible for human resources, strategic planning, and search fulfillment for key additions to the Rose Family. Matt also serves as Chief Administrative Officer of a private equity advisory group. Prior to joining Rose, Matt was the CEO of Cathio, a donation and community engagement platform. He also served as an Executive Director with Corsica Partners, an executive search firm providing talent acquisition services to high-growth technology companies. Oh and he also co-founded a D.C.-based search firm out of college.

Knack for Team Building
Strategic Management Skill
Knowledge of Foreign Languages
Design Skill
Sales Experience

Paul Maschue
Head of Sales
Paul’s responsibilities include generating revenue, training and managing sales representatives, and overall company development. Prior to Rose, Paul was a Sales Manager for Roofsimple, where he was responsible for business development, lead generation, training, and management. Paul successfully helped the company transition from a retail roofing company to an insurance restoration company, growing the company’s revenue by 12x. With a focus in business objectives and strategies, Paul is a driven leader with a passion to help everyone reach the desired objective.

Sales Experience
Team Management Skills
Snowboarding Skills
Love for Sitting in Traffic
Karaoke Skill

Peter Santorum
Senior Project Manager
Peter is a Senior Project Manager for Rose Roofing and Restoration. His attention to detail, friendly nature, and reliability all contribute to his efficacy in his field. Whether on site or in the office, Peter spends his weeks making sure every job runs as smoothly as possible. In his free time, he enjoys singing with his friends and, especially, honing his woodworking skills.

Critical Thinking
Ability to enjoy a fine glass of scotch
Desire to run a marathon
Love for pasta

Edgar Melgar
Project Manager

Edgar currently serves as a Project Manager for Rose Roofing and Restoration. He has over 9 years of customer service experience and extensive leadership skills. He has a proven track record for customer satisfaction and retention. Edgar is recognized for his positive attitude and detail oriented work ethic. Prior to Rose Roofing, Edgar worked as a leader for AMC Theaters where he mastered his risk management skills and developed a flair for driving brand loyalty.

Customer Engagement Skills
Collaborative Skills
Positive Attitude
Love for Family Time
Appetite for Chicken
Love of Ketchup

Nicholas Staken
Project Management Coordinator
Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Nick served in the Air Force for four years. He attended Johnson & Wales in Denver for Culinary Arts and set tile for four years. He previously worked as a foreman of Quanta Utility Engineering Services testing the integrity of steel transmission towers before relocating to Northern, VA and joining Rose Roofing and Restoration. People who have worked with Nick describe him as a good communicator, honest, and a strong listener. He hasa beautiful 2 year old daughter with his partner, as well 6 year old golden retriever and 7 month old cat. He is outnumbered in his household 4:1 (Girl to Guy ratio).

Communication Skills
Listening Skills
Attention To Detail
Golfing Skills
Beard Growing Skills

Evan Aiello
Project Management Coordinator
Evan Aiello graduated from Christendom College and now works with Rose Roofing as a Project Management Coordinator. During his time at college and whilst becoming an Eagle Scout, Evan has developed himself into someone who is self-motivated, disciplined, and trustworthy. Evan is also praised for his clear and direct articulation, his courtesy, and his kindness.

Love of the gym
Love of anime
Taste for spicy food

Kadian Barclay
Executive Assistant
Kadian is an Executive Assistant here at Rose supporting the sales team. With her vast knowledge and expertise in Brand Management and Marketing, she knows the ins and outs of forming and maintaining customer relationships. She is committed to delivering upon the promise that Rose offers; Raising the Roof every Shingle Time!


Zellyn Alsol
Digital Specialist
Zellyn Alsol is a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Customs Administration. It was a leap of faith when she jumped to be a graphic designer 5 years ago. She’s very passionate about work and very determined to reach her dreams. Her greatest treasures are her family and friends.

Design Skill
Project Management Skill
Passion for her Job
Readiness for Adventure
Love for cooking

Aidan Young
Administrative Analyst
As Administrative Analyst, Aidan is responsible for designing and implementing operational systems to ensure Rose runs as smoothly as possible. Aidan’s coworkers appreciate her attention to detail, her organizational skills, and her light hearted attitude.

Problem Solving
Data Analysis
Love of Reality TV
Obsession with USWNT
Singing Ability

Cat Zerbo
Administrative Assistant
Cat is a sales rep for Rose Roofing and restoration. Born and raised in New York she is accustomed to a fast paced environment which is the theme at Rose Roofing and Restoration. Cat has spent three years working on fishing boats and is still an avid fisherman.

Listening Skills
Work ethic
Attention to detail
Ability to filet a fish
Ability to make sushi

Kathy Willis
Administrative Coordinator
Kathy is the Administrative Coordinator for the Rose Team. Her responsibilities include providing admin support to management, helping to organize/execute schedules between clients/team, as well as invoicing, collecting and allocating payments. Having spent many years in sales, Kathy’s true enjoyment comes from interacting with clients to ensure their customer experience with Rose is timely, efficient, and executed in a professional and enjoyable manner.


Sarah Maschue
Senior Recruiting and Training Manager Sarah is a Senior Recruiting and Training Manager for Rose Roofing and Restoration. Her hard work ethic, studious disposition, and communication skills make her invaluable to the company. Her coworkers appreciate Sarah’s light-hearted demeanor, straightforwardness, and encouraging attitude which allows her to thrive at Rose.


Group 646 (2)
Stuart Senior
Recruiting Coordinator
Stuart Senior is a Recruiting Coordinator for Rose Roofing and Restoration. Stuart finds fulfillment in matching the right people with the right roles, making a positive impact on both individuals and the company. Stuart's positive attitude and sense of humor create a fun and enjoyable work environment. His teammates admire his strong work ethic, reliability, and willingness to go the extra mile to help others. They consider Stuart a true team player and a joy to collaborate with.

Problem Solving
Ability to Work Under Pressure
Fishing Techniques

Group 643 (4)
Jodi-Ann Wallace
Project Success Manager
Jodi is a Project Success Manager for Rose Roofing and Restorations. She has over eight years of experience in Marketing and Communications which have contributed immensely to the development of her Project Management skill set. Jodi’s greatest strength is that she is extremely detail-oriented. Her ability to have a granular level of focus has made her an asset to the team.

Communication Skills
Attention to Detail
Cooking Skills
Love for Travel
Ability to Resist Ice-Cream

Gwendolyn Palmer
Customer Relationship Manager
Gwendolyn Palmer is a Customer Relationship Manager for Rose Roofing and Restoration. She is firmly committed to producing consistently excellent results, and she believes any Rose Roofing customer should only experience the absolute best of what roofing companies have to offer. People that work with Gwendolyn describe her as adventurous, honest and knowledgeable, and always down to eat food.

Giving Clients Consistency
Hard Work Ethic
Able To Take a Photo And Not Smile
Ability to nap anywhere, anytime
Able to eat a pizza in one sitting

Hugh Aucella
Customer Relationship Manager
Hugh’s love of interpersonal relations lead him to finding a home at Rose. Prior to Rose, Hugh was known for using his tenacity and work effort to complete tasks on time and build great rapport with his clients. Before accepting a position at Rose Roofing, Hugh got his Real Estate license and was working on refurbishing a home in south Reston. He is excited to grow with the business in this new season of life. On his free time Hugh enjoys aquatic sports, hiking, reviewing movies/albums with his close friends, and continuing his grandfathers model train collection.

Customer Relations
Work Ethic
Love for Desserts
Readiness for Adventure
Need for Spell Check and Editor

Customer Relationship Manager
I’m the proud father to an amazing little boy. I would be perfectly happy having steak 7 days a week. Accountability is very important to me and I love anything outdoors.

Work Ethic
Fan of Deviled Eggs
Ford Loyalty
Fan of Spicy Food

Zeke Hanberry
Customer Relationship Manager
Born and raised in a small town of Rappahannock, Virginia. Grew up on a 30 acre family owned farm where he helped raise cows, chickens & other farm animals, including 6 dogs who are his favorite beings on planet earth. Played sports for sixteen years and worked in sales for three years before joining Rose Roofing & Restoration. Gets his work ethic from his father who was a Green Beret and served his country for 12 years. Has 3 brothers and a mother who he loves dearly. People who have worked with Zeke, describe him as a respectful & personable young man with amazing listening & leadership skills.

Communication skills
Listening skills
Golfing skills
Day Trading skills
Tennis skill

Patrick Aucella
Customer Relationship Manager
Patrick was born and raised in Reston Virginia where he developed his appreciation for nature and architecture. Currently a student attending the University of Mary Washington, Patrick is finishing his degree in Philosophy this fall but has been all over the map. His goal is to one day build a house and host a giant party there.

Love of animals
Attention to detail
Listening skills
Communication Skills
Willingness to play golf or grow a beard

Joe Lamb

Customer Relationship Manager
Joe is a Villanova graduate with 12 years of sales and leadership experience who moved to northern Virginia from Pittsburgh, Pa to join the Rose Roofing team as part of the family. Joe is known for his unstoppable work ethic for his team and clients, as well as his office loved sarcasm and playful attitude. Joe decided to join the family business to continue and spread our mission to create a trustworthy advocate for an important but frequently forgotten need of every family home. He spends his time mostly relaxing with his Australian Cattle pup (Dax) and his fiancé enjoying the Northern Virginia heat.

Work Ethic
Communication Skills
Ability to Climb a ladder
Ability to relax
Cooking Skills

Nick Matthews
Customer Relationship Manager
Nick has been in the NoVA area his entire life. He is an avid Redskins fan and overall DC sports fan. Nick is a strong leader and great team supporter. Nick's light-hearted, comedic mood, and laid back attitude pair well in most situations and make him beloved by the team.

Communication skills
Love for food
Shopping ability

Joseph DiLollo
Customer Relationship Manager
Hailing from New Jersey, Joseph came to work at Rose Roofing and Restoration in 2023. He enjoys the outdoors whether it's chopping wood or going on hikes. He spent the previous year building a monastery as a mason tender. In his spare time he goes to the gym and reads, and he hopes to take up a bit of blacksmithing.

Communication skills
Listening skills
Lifting heavy things
Getting out of bed to watch the sunrise
Work Ethic

Ricardo Garrido

Customer Relationship Manager
Ricardo is a Customer Relationship Manager at Rose Roofing and Restoration. He is hardworking, respectful and loves to help people save thousands of dollars on their roof. He moved from Venezuela to the US just a couple years ago and has a bunch of fun stories to tell around. When he’s not working you’ll probably find him at your local gym or hiking somewhere.


Alejandro Arellano
Customer Relationship Manager
Alejandro grew up and has spent his whole life in Fauquier county, a true cowboy at heart! Alejandro is a family man, gym-rat, and a very outgoing person! In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and friends. Alejandro has a goal of owning a company of his own some day.

Work Ethic
Attention to Detail
Barber/cosmetolog y skills
Creative Cooking Abilities

Andre Hoffman
Customer Relationship Manager
Andre was born in Latvia and lived there for the first 18 years of his life. After moving to the United States, Andre quickly realized the food over in Latvia is infinitely better. He’s tried recreating his favorite recipes from childhood, but he prefers to do it when he is the only one home—that way no one gets poisoned if he messes up! Andre knows three languages: Russian, Latvian and English. He’s interested in learning another language, but he needs to keep practicing his native language, so he doesn’t sound like a foreigner when he goes back to visit. Before joining Rose Roofing and Restoration, he worked for Restoration Homebuyers as an Assistant Project Manager. He really enjoys the process of fixing old, run-down homes and transforming them into beautiful spaces. Now that he has joined Rose Roofing and Restoration as a Sales Representative, he is very grateful to work for such an amazing company as this.

Communication skills
Project Manager
Riding unicycle

Peter Twetten

Customer Relationship Manager
Peter Twetten was born and raised in Purcellville, Virginia and graduated from Fork Union Military Academy. Peter has had walked a lot of interesting paths in his life, from being a part of a content house in Mesa Arizona, to having a chance at playing college football in Jacksonville, Alabama. But after running around and across the country Peter decided to settle down for the time being and stay close to family which he is doing at home, and here at Rose. Peter has always had a passion for marketing, is a natural born talker, and loves taking care of his clients.

Marketing Skills
Love of RedBull
Hype Man
Love for the Greenbay Packers
Love for Gym

Nathanael Randolph
Customer Relationship Manager
Nathanael grew up in Front Royal VA, where he started volunteering with the fire department at age 16. By 17, he was an EMT and served multiple communities professionally over the next 5 years. Nathanael continues to volunteer as an EMT while working for Rose and hopes to become a Paramedic someday.

Love of helping people
Fear of heights
Communication skills
Listening skills
First Aid

Andrew Oxendine
Customer Relationship Manager
Andrew loves working at Rose Roofing and Restoration. He loves talking to people and helping to put a roof over people's heads. He is a Christian who believes everyone should be treated with love, kindness, and compassion. His relationship with clients at Rose Roofing and Restoration is essential.

Hard Work
Compassion & Empathy
Love of Golden Retrievers

Howie Eskola
Customer Relationship Manager Howie was born on the west coast in California but grew up here in Virginia. The beach or being in the woods is where he finds himself most at peace. Howie hates the snow, cold, anything rain, or playing any type of recreational sport. He enjoys like minded Individuals and people with competitive spirit. Howie’s coworkers appreciate his work ethic, charisma, and humor.

Communication Skills Comprehension skills Luck Walking Ability to work with others

Roy Coles
Customer Relationship Manager
Roy is a sales Rep here at Rose Roofing and Restoration. Born in the District of Columbia, Roy spent the majority of his childhood traveling due to his fathers career with the department of veteran affairs. He attended Laurel Ridge Community College receiving a degree in health Science. Before Rose Roofing and Restoration for spent 3 years as a Peri Anesthesia tech at Inova Loudoun Hospital. He settled down in Virginia about 3 years ago with his beautiful Fiancé of 6 years and their dog. People describe Roy as hardworking and easy to talk to.

Work Ethic
Amicable & Personable Nature

Ronnie Norton
Customer Relationship Manager
Ronnie grew up in rural Caroline, Virginia where he played soccer for a number of years. Now he spends most of his free time on his PC losing games online and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Helping People
Attention to detail
Passion for cooking
Ability to cook

Veronica Neddo
Customer Relationship Manager
Veronica was born and raised in Fauquier County VA. She spends most of her off time, by a river, at a park, or in her garden. Veronica has three beautiful children and strives to make them happy every single day. Veronica has experience in retail, commercial kitchens, and government contracting, She hopes to travel the U.S. and create memorable experiences for her and her children.

Communication Skills
Drawing Skills
Cooking Skills

Evan Wright

Customer Relationship Manager
Evan is a Customer Relationship Manager at Rose Roofing and Restoration. Originally from Washington County Maryland, Evan has come to love the NOVA area, moving here to support his girlfriend while she finishes her studies at George Mason University. Evan is friendly, light-hearted, easy to connect with, and your go-to guy when you need a good laugh. Though new to this field, Evan’s determination will get him far.

Work Ethic
Listening Skills
Love for Flying
Football Skills

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All it takes

is three easy steps.

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