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Fall: The Ideal Season for Roof Installation and Repair

Seasonal changes can greatly affect many factors when replacing or repairing your roof. When considering roof replacement, it’s a good idea to schedule strategically with the seasons in mind. Fall lends itself to be the ideal season for roofing replacement, and with good reason.

Ideal Weather
The fall offers crisp and cool weather. The summer heat dissipates, and the thunderstorms do too. The air is less humid, making it an ideal time for roof installation and repairs. Most roofing professionals agree that the best condition for roofing installation is when the temperature falls between 45-50 degrees. These temperatures ensure that the shingles best adhere and cure properly before winter arrives. The cooler temperatures also provide the safest and most conducive working environment for roofers, as the blazing summer heat comes with the risk of dehydration and heat stroke.

Availability and Pricing
The summer and winter months bring harsh weather. These more extreme conditions lead to an increase in roof damage and claims. Although fall is the ideal time for roof repair and installation, roofing companies tend to be the busiest during the summer and winter because of this. Flexibility with scheduling and availability tends to be best in the fall. Additionally, because this is a slower time for roofers, many companies will offer exclusive fall discounts.

Keep Critters Out
Your attic is always a welcoming spot for woodland creatures, but the winter months are particularly appealing. It’s a warm, dry location rarely visited by humans, making it the perfect hiding place for mice, raccoons, chipmunks, and other small critters. By repairing or replacing your roof prior to the colder months, you ensure that any openings are sealed, keeping the critters out.

Save on Heating and Energy
A newly installed or repaired roof that is finished before the first freeze will significantly reduce your heating expenses and increase your energy efficiency. If your roof is not adequately maintained, it’s one of the first areas where energy and heat escape. A new roof is well insulated, enabling you to keep heat inside. It will lower your heating expense and energy bill. It may also partially offset the cost of the current repair work you may have done.

Repair and Prepare
Summertime comes with extreme heat, strong winds, and heavy rainstorms that can significantly damage your roof. A few months later, we are faced with ice, sleet, and heavy snowfall, which can cause structural damage if your roof is not in good condition. Fall offers the perfect window of time to repair any damage from the summer months and to prepare for the upcoming winter conditions that it must endure.

Being proactive is key when it comes to roofing repair and installment. If you want to prepare for the upcoming months by resolving any current roofing issues, we strongly recommend doing so during the fall. Give Rose Roofing a call at (703) 334- 2203 or request a free estimate online for your fall roof repairs. We’d be delighted to support you through your roof replacement process.