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How Rose Roofing Helps With Your Insurance Claims

Most people will rarely experience a storm damaging enough to take their roof off or completely destroy it. However, we carry insurance in case of emergency to mitigate the risk and costs of replacing our roof. Looking at recent weather patterns, there’s always a chance, and we want to be prepared.

At Rose Roofing, we take our business very seriously, and that includes assisting our customers with the insurance claims process. That means building trustworthy relationships with homeowners as we re-roof their houses by offering a solid product and guaranteed workmanship. But we also develop our business connections with public adjusting firms in addition to your insurance company to improve the claims process. We want to give a top-notch customer experience. That means answering questions, recommending options, and providing valuable advice because we understand that replacing a roof and dealing with insurance claims can be stressful. You want to receive a fair estimate for the labor and materials, a quality roof replacement, and have the job done quickly. Rose Roofing will deliver.
Years of Experience

We have an in-depth and longstanding knowledge of the industry, which gives us the experience to manage your roofing project until the claim is paid and you are fully satisfied. We start by evaluating the entire roof, explaining the extent of the damage, and recommend the best course of action based on your insurance coverage and deductible. It is a no-cost inspection of the property with a comprehensive look at which parts of the roofing system need repair that lets you make an intelligent and informed decision on whether or not to file a claim.

If you end up with a recommendation for a minor repair, you may be able to take care of it without involving your insurance company. Too many claims can cause insurance companies to cancel your policy due to “frequency,” making it harder to get new coverage elsewhere. However, a complete roof replacement after severe damage will go well beyond your deductible amount and is the reason your coverage is there to protect you. Talk to your roofer first to know whether you need to notify your insurance agent or have the specifics of potential repairs handy when they ask about the damage.
Filing an insurance claim on your own doesn’t always go smoothly. It’s an intricate process, and the damage is often complex. Your insurance company’s adjusters can gloss over the type of damage sustained to your roof using technical jargon and underestimate the cost for repair or replacement in an attempt to protect the company from unnecessary expenses.

Knowing Where You Stand

A policy typically covers sudden or accidental problems, including damage caused by events such as wind, fire, hail, or the weight of snow. And it’s necessary to move fast to prevent further damage. Our public adjusters offer a comparison to ensure you get a fair assessment of the damage and help us represent you in the claims process. Not all roofing contractors walk their customers through the insurance claim process like Rose Roofing. The use of a public adjusting firm to provide objectivity when appraising the damage, preparing estimates, providing documentation, and determining coverage limits goes above and beyond standard claims services. Negotiating with the insurance company’s in-house adjuster ensures our customers’ claims get approved and processed quickly.

Rose Roofing includes the cost of the public adjuster because satisfied customers will trust us to be there for them when future storm systems hit. Our certified roofing experts work hard so you have a stress-free experience. Our goal is to help you navigate the insurance claims process efficiently to protect your home and family. When dealing with a roof replacement, we are often asked about windows and siding. If you need additional updates and repairs to your home, we are happy to help.