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How to Prepare for a Roof Installation

Whether due to damage or simply a long-awaited update, replacing your roof can be an exciting process! The kids may be happy to see the roofers at work, and you are likely eager to see the finished product. However, roof replacement is not something that should be taken lightly. Understanding how to adequately prepare will help to ensure the process goes smoothly for all. 

At Rose Roofing, our roofers do everything in their power to ensure safety. However,  it’s important to understand that your home will be a work zone while the roof replacement is underway. By adequately preparing, you will reduce the risk of any work zone hazards and feel at ease knowing that your home is ready for installation day. 


How to Prepare for a Roof Installation


1. Cover or move belongings in the attic. The roofers will be working directly above your attic. They will be hammering and walking on the roof, which can cause debris to fall through the cracks into the attic. Therefore, we recommend removing any fragile or valuable items from the attic and covering any other remaining items. Paint drop cloths can be found at local hardware stores and are inexpensive. 

2. Move the car. If your car is parked in the driveway, you will want to move it during the replacement process. This not only gives the roofers enough space to work, but it protects your car from any potential debris that may fall. 

3. Remove interior decor. Vibrations from the machinery and roofers may travel down the walls of the house. It’s best to remove any wall hangings, artwork, and shelf items to ensure they do not fall off during the process. If you want to play it safe, it’s not a bad idea to remove any hanging light fixtures, such as chandeliers. 

4. Clean up the exterior of your home. Clean up the exterior of your home. In addition to moving your vehicle, you want to move or cover any items that can potentially be damaged by debris. Consider grills, potted plants, outdoor furniture, and bushes or landscaping. You also want to have satellite dishes and antennas removed before the replacement. 

5. Tend to your landscaping. Before the contractors begin working on your home, any low-hanging branches will need to be cut. It is also recommended to cut your grass the day before the replacement begins. Shorter grass ensures a more thorough clean-up by minimizing hidden debris. 

6. Identify accessible power sources. The roofing crew will need access to several power outlets. Outdoor sources are preferred, but garage outlets are second best. If you do not have available outdoor outlets, extension cords may run through your home. Plan accordingly for additional safety precautions that this may require. 

7. Consider children and pets. While it may be exciting to watch the roofers from a safe distance, work zones can be unsafe for children and animals. Explain to your children what areas are off limits and contain your pets during construction. It is often safest to keep children and pets out of the home while work is being done. 

8. Plan for loud noises. Any construction project is accompanied by loud noises. This may cause disturbances in sleep schedules, working hours or even induce anxiety in some. If you work from home, consider a quieter location during this time. If you have young children or pets who will be disturbed by the noises, it may be best to remove them from the home during construction hours as well. It is also considerate to notify your neighbors of the project and timeline so they can plan accordingly, too. 

When planning for a new roof, there are many factors to take into consideration. It can be exciting, yet overwhelming too. At Rose Roofing, our experts strive to collaborate with you to ensure the installation process is as smooth and safe as possible. By working with your roofing team to adequately prepare your home, you help to ensure a seamless process and positive experience for all. 

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