Why Do I Need an Annual Roof Inspection?

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Why Do I Need an Annual Roof Inspection?

by | Nov 1, 2021

Winter in Northern Virginia means cold temperatures, snowfall, and even ice. Fall is an ideal time to schedule a roof inspection by one of our professionals. While we recommend an annual roof inspection, it can be especially important if you have noticed any of the following:

– Missing or damaged shingles
– Leaks
– Discoloration of shingles
– Recent damaging storms in your area

A roof has many components to inspect, including flashing, gutters, caulking, ridge vents, and pipe covers. An inspection will uncover any vulnerable or damaged areas. Understanding the condition of your roof is crucial whether you plan on selling your home or keeping it forever. Your insurance company may even require regular inspections to be sure you keep a well-maintained property and reduce potential roofing claims.

What Happens in an Annual Roof Inspection

Roofing contractors have a list of problem areas to check right away. They know how the roof is designed to work and which parts of the system get stressed over time and in bad weather. Your inspector will walk around the home, access the roof, and examine attic spaces to:

Detect Roof Leaks

Homeowners aren’t always aware that their roof is leaking. Some leaks occur at edge seams, while others happen in less obvious places. An inspection can pinpoint the source of the leak, allowing you to get it repaired before it does costly damage.

Replace Damaged Roofing Materials

Shingles may be damaged or missing, or flashing may need to be replaced. Your inspector can make minor fixes that will extend the life of your roof, allowing you to delay a total replacement.

Inspect Gutters

Gutters are a vital component in protecting your home. Before the snow falls, an inspector can ensure your gutters are firmly attached to serve their function of shedding water away from the house to prevent leaks, pooling water, and basement flooding.

Remove Hazards

Finding and removing debris like sticks, pine needles, leaves, and large tree branches before winter will prevent it from doing damage to your home or falling on someone. Climbing on your roof can be dangerous. Our professionals have the knowledge and equipment to remove any hazards from your roof safely.

Assess Roof Age

You may or may not know when your current roof was installed. Even if you do, harsh weather conditions may have aged your roof faster. An inspector can give you an estimate on the roof’s age and when it may need to be replaced. This allows you to budget accordingly and talk with your insurance company about what they cover.

Ensure Roofing Code Compliance

Local codes may have changed since installing your roof. An inspection will uncover any code violations. Rose Roofing can offer guidance on whether the issue needs to be addressed immediately or if it can wait.

What Follows an Annual Roof Inspection

If our experts find major issues upon inspection, we can walk you through the replacement process with your insurance company. We also offer a free quote within 24 hours. Being proactive with an annual roof inspection can prevent further damage to your home’s exterior and interior.

Roofs are a critical part of the integrity of your home, so assessing its condition regularly makes good sense. Contact Rose Roofing today at (571) 261-5960 or [email protected] for a thorough inspection and ask to be added to our annual inspection schedule. It will give you peace of mind that your home can continue to protect you through the winter months.


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