Why Inspecting Your Roof Yourself is Not a Good Idea

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Why Inspecting Your Roof Yourself is Not a Good Idea

by | Aug 1, 2022

Your roof system protects your entire home, so it is essential to ensure it is properly working. Regular roof inspections will detect any vulnerable areas before they become a significant issue. You may be tempted to do a quick visual inspection and call it a day, but the odds are good you could end up missing one or more critical issues.

There are many reasons to have a professional roof inspection. The most common is a regularly scheduled inspection to ensure no issues have cropped up since the last checkup. Another reason is to check for damage after a heavy storm has come through your neighborhood. An inspection may also be warranted if you notice a leak or other problem. Finally, if you are buying or selling a home, you will need to know the roof’s condition to obtain a proper estimate of the home’s value.

It is essential to understand what is included in a professional roof inspection. These are the major components of your roof system that an inspector will closely examine:
● Shingles
● Soffits and Fascia
● Gutters
● Flashing
● Attic
● Windows

These areas work together to protect your home, so they must all be closely inspected. Here are some of the main reasons you should schedule a professional inspection rather than relying on yourself to identify issues.

Your safety is the most obvious reason for hiring a professional to inspect your roof. It may look easy to crawl out on the roof and look around, but it can quickly lead to an accident. Professional inspectors have safety protocols to follow and proper equipment to use. It is not worth risking injury to try to uncover roofing issues you may not even be able to detect.

You learn a lot as a homeowner, but it pales compared to a professional focusing solely on roofs. Rose Roofing team members have deep industry expertise. They can spot the difference between normal wear and tear and damage. A knowledgeable and well-trained inspector can also spot structural weaknesses before they turn into serious and expensive problems.

A professional inspector looks more closely at individual roof components than you would. Subtle signs can raise warning flags, and qualified inspectors are trained to know what those are and the issues they may cause. An inspector can identify mold, leaks, rot, or damaged shingles that you likely won’t see.

Insurance or Lender Requirement
Many insurance companies or home mortgage lenders will require a professional inspection. Your roof system is your home’s ultimate protector, and providers want to know it is in solid working condition.

Scheduling an annual roof inspection is a good practice to keep your home safe. This becomes more important as your roof and home age. Rose Roofing’s professionals are experts in roofs, windows, and siding. We can work closely with your insurance company if any damage detected results in a claim.

Contact us to schedule your inspection. The cost of an inspection depends on many variables, and we will provide you with a free quote. Having your roof inspected regularly can save you a lot of money down the road and keep you and your family safe.


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