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Why Waiting Until Spring to File a Roofing Claim Is a Bad Idea

Winter weather brings snow storms with high winds and freezing temperatures that result in many expensive homeowner’s claims – averaging $27,000 in repairs – including replacing a damaged roof. But some homeowners put off fixing their roof or filing insurance claims until the season is over. Why is this a bad idea? Because spring has its own weather-related issues.

Preparing for Spring

Understand that hesitating to file your claim could create more problems. If you don’t take care of home repairs when they occur, you’ll be exposed to spring rains and [hailstorms] that can compound the damage. During the winter months, roofing companies have more time on their hands to evaluate damage and get repairs done faster. You can benefit from having your roofing professionals take extra care when preparing you for the wind and hail that are sure to arrive by March. Those who don’t could have a harder time finding available experts later in an emergency.

Rose Roofing inspects your roof damage thoroughly before beginning the claims process. We look for:

• Warped, cupped, or cracked shingles that won’t survive spring storms.
• Cracked flashing under the shingles and joints of your rooftop creating gaps between roofing materials.
• Structural damage to shingles and chimneys where animals and insects seek shelter from the weather.
• Clogged and broken gutters that aren’t draining correctly, and are weighed down with debris or letting ice build up.
• Chimney cracks and crevices that allow water to seep in or cause crumbling that leads to more damage to your roof and property.

If you address roof problems and winter insurance claims as soon as they arise, it’s possible to sail right through spring weather hazards. We recommend getting out犀利士
your homeowners policy or contacting your insurance agency if you suspect you have a claim. Most standard policies cover damage caused by ice and snow, hail, and wind. Insurance companies know heavy snow and ice accumulation can damage roofs and gutters. Combined with wind, these situations bring trees down on your home too. If you haven’t maintained the damage as it occurs, they may not cover water that seeps into your home, causing more problems with interior walls and personal property later.

How Common are Winter Insurance Claims?

The Insurance Information Institute reported a record $15.1 billion in losses in the first half of 2021, and an analysis showed a huge 12.4% increase in construction costs. You need roofing experts that know how to work with your insurance company to get winter-related damage covered and help you through the claims process. Learn more about how Rose Roofing and Restoration provides private adjusters to get accurate estimates to your claims representatives to speed the process and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Contact us about your winter claim now and avoid further leaks and damage in typical Virginia spring weather. Aside from structural damage, this could lead to moisture causing mold inside your home, ruining the interior, and causing potential health issues. We’ll send a professional to assess the damage and estimate the repairs or replacement. We’ve developed relationships to work with most insurance companies. Rose Roofing offers competitive rates, high-quality products, and superior customer service. Whether you need annual maintenance or have an emergency situation, we’re there for you.

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