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Winter: A Great Season To Address Roof Concerns

Home improvement projects may not be at the top of your mind during the winter months, but it is actually a great time to consider replacing your roof or addressing any concerns. As your roof protects your home, it is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Keeping it functioning is essential. As a homeowner, you should understand the advantages of winter roof maintenance or replacement.

Why is Replacing Your Roof in the Winter a Good Idea?

Competitive Pricing
The roofing industry can slow down during the winter months, which benefits homeowners. Roofers may lower their prices in order to win bids and keep their crews busy. Rose Roofing can offer season discounts while offering a free quote. You should get more than one proposal to replace your roof whether you have made this decision on your own or as a result of an insurance claim.

Expert Workmanship
Roofing companies keep their best employees on staff during the winter season. That means the crew installing your roof will be the experts that train their teams on how to provide the finest quality and value. You can rest assured the work done to protect your home will be top-notch.

Winter Protection
Heat rising to your attic escapes during the winter months to cause the snow on your roof to melt, run down the roof, refreeze at the edge, and form ice dams. Ice dams can damage gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water backups that leak into your home. Ice and water shields are installed at the eaves and valleys of the roof to prevent ice dams from forming.

Addressing Weaknesses
Snow and ice can be disastrous for vulnerable roofs. If left unaddressed, heavy snow on your rooftop can stress it beyond its capabilities and potentially lead to a collapse. Our inspectors can proactively spot any rotten plywood or other damage to prevent more expensive repairs. It is also necessary to ensure that shingles are properly installed to withstand winter weather.

Insurance Restoration
If you think you might have an insurance claim to replace your roof, winter is an excellent time to address it. Shingles typically break easier in colder temperatures. That means when we run a repairability test with your insurance company, the roof is likely to fail the test. Your insurance company will be more willing to replace the roof and we will be right by your side through that process.

Rolling the dice and hoping your roof makes it through one more winter is not a wise strategy to protect your home. Instead, contact Rose Roof & Restoration and let one of our experts inspect your roof. Our team will do what’s best for you and your home. We use private adjusters to determine if your roof qualifies for a replacement through insurance. This makes it easier for your insurance company to do its job. Then we guide you through the claim process and update you as we work with your provider.

Detecting and addressing minor issues in the winter months will keep your family safe. Don’t wait for spring to address any concerns. Winter is a great time to do an annual roof inspection or replace your roof so it protects your home properly.


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