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Holiday Lights: Tips and Tricks to Safely Light Up Your Home

When you think about your home’s roof, you probably don’t think of much. Its basic purpose is to protect you and your possessions from the elements. That’s it. Unless an issue arises, you likely do not pay much attention to your roof, or anyone else’s for that matter. However, come the holiday season, there is an exception to this. For about two months every year, all eyes shift to the roof lines as we become mesmerized by the twinkle of holiday lights.

If you plan on adding to the magic of the season by lighting up your home for others to enjoy, there are several important factors to consider. With tips from our experts, you can have the most beautiful light display on the block while protecting yourself and the integrity of your roof.



When decking your home with holiday lights, the number one priority should always be safety. Walking on your roof is not only unsafe for an untrained professional, but it can also be damaging to the roof system. Because of this, the safest way to light up the exterior of your home is by properly using a ladder. The following tips will help you stay safe on your ladder this holiday season.

Inspect your ladder.

Before you get on the ladder, double-check to make sure it is in good working condition.

The size of the ladder matters.

Ensuring that your ladder is the appropriate size for the job is crucial from a safety standpoint. If you have to stretch to reach or stand on the top step, your ladder is too small. Make sure your ladder is big enough for you to safely reach all the areas you intend on decorating.

Do not lean the ladder on your gutters.

Leaning your ladder against your gutter is unsafe for both you and the gutter. Gutters can break, which can cause you to fall.

Pay attention to the weather.

While you may have a specific day that you prefer to put up your decorations, it’s crucial to respect the weather. High winds and moisture are not conducive to working on a ladder. Pick a day that is dry with minimal wind.

Be careful of doors.

If you’re working near a door, make your family aware. The last thing you want is for a door to open into the ladder you are working on. For extra caution, it’s a good idea to tape a note on the door as a reminder.

Be mindful of your body movements.

Make sure your movements are calculated. Stay aware and think through any moves, as opposed to impulsive actions.



The process used to hang exterior lights should be easy, affordable, and protect the integrity of your home. Our roofing experts know the importance of all these factors and offer the following tips as general guidance.

Know your lights.

Ensure you have the appropriate amount of lights by measuring the area first and identifying your power source. Then test your lights and ensure they are for outdoor use before you hang them.

Use plastic light clips.

Never install holiday lights with nails, screws, or staples. Even the smallest holes can cause significant damage to your roofing system. Attaching lights with plastic clips to the gutters is safe, effective, and affordable. With the integrity of the roof in mind, remember to avoid pulling on the light strands to remove them, as it can cause damage too.

Attach the lights to the clips.

Purchasing lights that are already attached to the clips is the easiest option. However, if your 犀利士
lights are not already attached, do this before getting on the ladder.

Consider a grounded power stake.

Before plugging in, you may consider placing a GFCI stake in the ground as your source of power. This is the safest route, and many come with an energy-saving feature to set your lights on a timer.


Curb Appeal

If you are putting the time and energy into installing exterior lights, you likely are not striving for mediocre. Consider the following if you want your house to shine this holiday season.

Seek out inspiration.

Turn on HGTV, grab some Home and Garden magazines, or search the internet for holiday lights that inspire you. Holiday lights come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Find what you love and go from there.

Plan ahead.

Before you do anything, snap a photo from the street. Seeing your home from a viewer’s vantage point can help you devise a plan with a fresh perspective. When constructing a plan, consider your home in its entirety. You obviously will light up your roofline, but don’t forget to consider other areas such as the porch and windows.

Add dimension and extra sparkle.

Think beyond the traditional lining of your home. Consider lighting up your walkway and driveway to add depth. Then illuminate the unexpected areas such as your mailbox, porch columns, or bushes. Mini lights can be added to any display for that extra dazzle.

Whether you are hanging a single strand of lights or you are going for the Chevy Chase look, it’s essential to protect yourself and your roof during the process. We encourage you to take the necessary steps as you light up your home this holiday season. We at Rose Roofing wish you a safe and bright holiday season.

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