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Roof Maintenance: A Habit to Adopt in 2023

With the new year comes new intentions for many. These intentions typically focus on organization, healthier habits, and consistent routines. But what about home maintenance?

The roof is arguably the most important yet overlooked component of your house. It acts as a safety barrier protecting your family and belongings from the outside elements and holds together all the other fundamental parts of the house. 

Many homeowners tend to forget about their roof after installation, as they are built for the long term. However, regular roof maintenance is imperative to the overall health of your home. With that in mind, as you adapt new habits this year, we encourage you to consider the importance of maintaining your roof. 


Why is regular maintenance important?

A poorly maintained roof is the primary cause of most roofing issues. Prioritizing proper maintenance will benefit you and your home in the following ways.

A well-maintained roof simply lasts longer. Roofs are built to be long-lasting. However, the lifespan of your roof can be dramatically shortened if regular maintenance is neglected. Maintaining your roof will help avoid the risk of premature roof replacement and allow for the maximum lifespan. 

Potential problems are prevented. The most important reason to prioritize roof maintenance and cleaning is for preventative measures. A very minor issue that goes unnoticed, or is left untouched, can turn into a major (and expensive) issue in just a matter of six months to a year. 

Maintenance protects your warranty. A warranty can provide a false sense of security. There are always exceptions and fine print to look out for. Most roofing warranties will only stay intact with proof of annual inspection and maintenance.

A sound roof is energy efficient. An intact and clean roof is the key to effective insulation. It’s possible for a home to lose up to 25% of its heat due to poor insulation. By protecting your roof, you also protect the insulation under it, therefore utilizing the minimum amount of energy to maintain a steady and comfortable indoor environment.

Health risks can be avoided. Roofs left in a state of despair fall victim to chronic leaks. Even small leaks can lead to mold growth within the home, which can pose a significant health risk. With regular maintenance and cleaning, problem areas are addressed promptly, and health risks are avoided. 


What does roof maintenance consist of?

Necessary roof maintenance may depend on factors such as roofing material, climate, and the age of the home. Generally, comprehensive roof maintenance should be performed annually, including a roof inspection, cleaning, and necessary repairs. It is best practice to hire a professional roofing company, as they will be the most thorough. However, as a homeowner, you can tend to your roof by cleaning the gutters, removing debris as needed, checking for leaks or cracks, removing unwanted growth, and ensuring that tree limbs are trimmed and do not pose any threat to the roof. 

Regular roof maintenance is essential to ensure your home’s longevity, efficiency, and optimum health. As you adopt new habits in 2023, we encourage you to add roof maintenance to the list. It’s as simple as choosing a date, marking your calendar, and scheduling your annual maintenance.

At Rose Roofing, we are happy to help you adopt proactive maintenance habits this year and we invite you to contact us for all your roofing needs.