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Roof Types: Slate vs. Synthetic Slate

If you’re shopping for a new roof, you are likely looking for something attractive, sturdy, and worthwhile for your money. Slate roofing checks all those boxes. It is one of the most durable, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting roof systems on the market. Slate has been used for centuries in the roofing industry. However, as roofing technology advances, there are more options available.

If you like the idea of slate roofing, you also have the option of synthetic slate. This synthetic alternative offers many advantages. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of both slate options before making a final decision.

Durability & Longevity

When looking at the longevity of the roof, slate will outlast any roofing material. If properly installed, the lifespan of a slate roof is expected to be 75-100 years. The natural stone is mold and fungus-proof, waterproof, fireproof, and resistant to temperature changes. Because of the slate’s resiliency, it also maintains its stunning appearance over time. While synthetic slate won’t last as long, it has an expected lifespan of 40- 50 years.


In comparison to natural slate, synthetic slate is much more affordable. One of the things that deter many homeowners from slate roofing is its high cost. While the pricing depends on the area, the construction, and how challenging the roof angle is, synthetic slate is substantially less costly. This makes it a great option for those who love the curb appeal of a slate roof but need a more affordable option.

Installation & Maintenance

Synthetic slate is more straightforward and less expensive to install compared to conventional slate roofing. The shingles are installed with more traditional tools and don’t require the specialized skill set necessary for installing natural slate.

Natural slate is a highly sturdy and heavy roofing material, but the shingles can break if it is walked upon. Since you cannot tread on slate once it is installed, it is crucial to hire a roofing company that has experience with slate installation. If a tile cracks or breaks, it can lead to a complex process and add extra time to the job, as it is difficult to acquire an exact match.


Slate is naturally heavy, which does lend to its durability. However, weighing between 800-1500 per 100 square feet, some homes simply cannot withstand the weight. Therefore, to safely install a slate roof, your home must possess the structural integrity necessary. If you have structural concerns regarding your home, synthetic slate may be the best option.

The Aesthetic

Without a doubt, slate roofs are stunning. Slate, available in various natural slate colors and textures, complements all architectural styles. Natural slate shingles are frequently hand-shaped, giving them a distinctively personalized aesthetic and overall lovely appearance.

Synthetic slate is crafted to resemble the exact appearance of natural slate. Initially, there are only minor differences in appearance, and it’s very difficult to tell the difference from the ground. However, over time synthetic slate may begin to fade.

Resale Value

Because of its longevity, slate can add significant value to your home. Often homes with slate roofing will sell more quickly because buyers look for the reassurance that comes with the reliability of not having to make roof repairs in the foreseeable future. Although synthetic slate will save cost immediately, investing in natural slate can pay off in the long run.

Choosing the Best Roofing for Your Home

Replacing your roof is a significant home investment. Because of this, it’s vital to consider every factor carefully. We at Rose Roofing have experience working with slate and its synthetic counterpart. We are able to guide you as you select the roofing material that best fits your needs. To help you determine if slate or its synthetic equivalent is the best option for your family, our specialists will visit your house and review your alternatives. The Rose Team collaborates directly with insurance providers when necessary. We will also offer a free estimate within 24 hours. For any of your roofing needs, contact us today.