The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof During the Summer

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The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof During the Summer

by | Jun 15, 2022

If your roof needs to be replaced, summer is a great time to have it done. While it may seem like an overwhelming project, it is not something you should put off since it protects the integrity of your home. Consider the benefits of replacing your roof:
● Increased value of your home
● Higher efficiency and lower utility bills
● Peace of mind that your home is protected

A new roof can last for several decades and the summer months can be an ideal time to replace it. Here are some benefits to re-roofing your home this summer:

Faster Installation
Summer months are more likely to offer ideal conditions for the work to be done. Dryer conditions will reduce the risk of leaks. There are also more hours of daylight, allowing roofers to work longer.

Lower Cost
Since installation can be done quicker, you will be spending less on labor to install the roof. As roofers complete other projects and look for new work, you may even see a reduced cost later in the summer. Take advantage of slower times.

Winter Preparedness
Changing climate conditions mean you never know when the first inclement weather may hit for the winter. Installing your roof in the summer will prepare you for bad weather conditions heading into fall and winter. Your home will also be more efficient, lowering your heating bills.

Material Flexibility
Some roofing materials can be very temperamental during installation with weather swings. If you are unsure what material you want to use, summer is a very flexible season. The consistent warm temperatures will provide ideal conditions for any material type.

Switching to Solar
If summer heat has you considering how you could more efficiently use the sun to your advantage, you may consider a solar roof. Solar shingles that look similar to regular shingles can be placed on your roof to produce the energy your home requires. While this roof option will cost more, you will see savings on your energy bills.
Once you have decided to replace the roof on your home this summer, there are several factors to consider:
● Cost – Rose Roofing can provide an estimate at no cost.
● Timeline – this can depend on how big your roof is and what type of materials you are using.
● Curb Appeal – you may decide to change shingle types to provide a more appealing look.
● Codes – know your local building codes.
● Warranties – make sure you are comfortable with the protection being offered by the manufacturer.

Summer can be the perfect time to replace your roof. Rose Roofing can also repair or replace any window, siding, or gutter issues you may be experiencing. We can also work alongside your insurance company during the claim process.

Contact Rose Roofing to discuss replacing your roof. One of our experts will inspect your current roof and provide you with a free quote. Our team will work around your summer schedule to replace your roof and ensure your home is protected.


5 Hidden Benefits of Having a Roof Replaced during the Summer

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